Friday, April 2, 2010

Solidarity for the Victims at St Patrick Cathedral New York

Outside the Good Friday service a group of the Voice of the Faithful issued a call for Archbishop Dolan to acknowledge the injustice done by the NY clergy to children and to hear their grievances and apologize. Dolan chose to highlight the pope's suffering without a word of recognition of the suffering of the victims at the hands of diocesan clergy.

Francis Piderot led a small group of Voice of the Faithful Catholics as they called attention to the plight of the victims which the New York Archdiocese still fails to acknowledge by opening its files and giving justice to the victims. Piderot compared the small group to the few who were at the cross with Jesus while they were treated with contempt by the guards.

A congenial policeman accosted by the Cathedral security neatly helped the group have adequate space to witness for the Victims.

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